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Content writing Basics, Content writing tutorial-2

Hello everyone and welcome, this is a free ongoing content writing tutorial where i teach you to leave a benchmark with your words. So, today I will be teaching you how to do content writing easily.

Content writing tutorial

Before you start your content writing career and become a writer, it is really important to explore all the angles of this field. However, if you keep following my posts i guarantee, you can be a pro so easily. What you just need to do is keep following the SEO content writing tips for beginners that i am delivering everyday.

I welcome all the aspiring Content writers to my  blog. So, are you all ready with me to get skilled from home?

Do you feel inspired and motivated to do something new today?

What exactly is content writing?

I am sure you are excited, so let's begin I am super excited. However, we will first see what exactly is content writing?

Ok so content writing is nothing but it is a strategic and structured way of writing content. Giving systematic structure to your written information to target the correct audience. 

Think about the topic, the matter that you can teach anyone easily. You need to have the knowledge in your specific field that you can even make a child, a pro.

 And, implementing these information with some of the content writing tips will help you get seamless result.

Now, what do we mean by strategy, structure and audience?

Let's see!

Before we start writing, we begin with planning the content. However, this process starts with deciding what we are going to write about. Not only this but, how we will present it to the readers in developing phase.

We write the content and over the time we manage and do the changes if required. Hence, by structured we are referring to a copy which is easy to read and is understandable for anyone. 

See there's one thing in this bundle of content writing tips for beginners is that you need to be very specific about your field.

And, by audience we mean who are our intended readers for Example-  If I am writing about a beauty product then my intended audience would definitely be females.

What are the types of content?

Then, first let's learn what are the types of online content and each type is different from each other. However, yet the basic content writing strategies could be applied to all of these. 

So, the types of contents are blog writing, article writing, website content writing, technical writing, Cadman writing, newsletters, ebooks, business email marketing, copywriting, SEO writing, product descriptions and many more. 

Now, you would be thinking how can I build career in this field?

Well, the Figge knows that if you know about something and take actions to get skilled in it then success is not far from you.

Use specific language

Just keep up with the latest trends and techniques. What do you need to start with content writing? 

You should know any language whether it is english, hindi, urdu, tamil, french, telugu or any other. Just use them accordingly, so that it is not difficult for the readers to extract information from your content.

Don't take grammar lightly

Not only this but, you should be good with grammar. But also, you should be ready to learn new things by sharing and talking with people. Remember God is sharing is always a joy now that you know what is content writing and what you need to start with. In every SEO content writing tips for beginners, i suggest every aspiring content writer to use Grammarly to check on your grammar. You can even choose the premium version as well.

Join some freelancing platform

Let us see what is the next step and you should take. So, we are getting into the gun taking action phase go to google. Now, you need to type up work app fork. However, it is a freelancers platform. You can easily sign up and find your job easily.

Just make an account, Upwork is a platform where people are searching for content writers. These are the people, will be opting for your services for which they will pay you depending on the budgets.

Now the another platform is Freelancer. Now, download the app and by signing up become a member, a freelancer to start your freelancing services. 

Get your legit gig over Facebook

However, one of the tried and tested method to kick start your freelance content writing is Facebook. Just search some groups named as "Content writers", "Content writer needed" and so on. If you find any interested gig just comment on the post and then you can talk to the client directly.

By the end of your task, you will be rewarded with what you deserve.

The other content writing tips is to type content writers you will see top posts, people and other things displayed. Now, click on groups and you will be able to see a lot of content writing groups.

However, I suggest you to join all of these groups as many as you could to get more and more content writing work.

Bonus content writing tips

The very first content writing tips for beginners is that you need to add your client over WhatsApp or even just get them over your phone. So that you can ping them for any confusion.

Second bonus content writing tips for beginners is that I'm asking you to join the groups right now. Because,  just for you to see what people are posting and how others are responding to it. I'm not asking you to post anything there until then unless you know in and out about content writing.

The third tip that i want to add in this content writing tips post is that you don't have to share the real document directly. Because, some of the clients are not always legit. So, you need to be very careful while you are working. To get more details, make sure to follow our future posts.

However, before you start dealing with clients make sure that you have proper skill to deliver. Which is why you need content writing tutorial to amp up your career in this field.

So this, was a very basic post on content writing. If you are going to grab this opportunity then tell me in the comment section.

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