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What is content writing, Content writing tutorials Starting Now

Hello everyone during this lockdown period and post lockdown period everyone is going to search a lucrative job. A job that pays regardless any Holiday or any kind of pandemic. However, you can write anything with your laptop or smartphone.
Content writing tips

Furthermore, little bit of Guidelines a quick post about content marketing or you can say content writing. So, here I am to give you few guidelines few tips how to become a successful content writer.

What is content writing?

Well I’ll just start with a very basic the main elements of content writing.
See generally what people thinks, what is content writing is all about when you take out a pen and a paper or maybe you just open your laptop and you start writing.

No friends you’re on other way content writing is not just about writing. Hence, there are few phases there’s something called before you start writing there’s something after you have written something. As a result, this post has been focusing upon the very basics of content writing two things or two elements that you all need to understand.

Hence, keep it in your brain I’m gonna be locking in the brain and throw the key somewhere. In spite, that’s what I’ve got to talk about here the first one is emotional connection see as a Content writer you need to make an emotional connection with your readers with your audiences.

However, if your audience is not emotionally connected with your writings with your articles with your blog’s they’re not going to follow you. Which as a result, they’re not going to read you they’re not going to read your articles. One of the thing is you need to find out why do you want to write articles you’re writing because you want people to read whatever knowledge you’re sharing on the internet.

Content writing tips

So here it is first Content writing tips,

1- Emotional connection

You have to write articles or blogs in such a way in such language they anyhow entertain your people. Conclusion, make an emotional connection with your target audience and there you are. Once, you are on with the connection, you are there okay.

And yes the second part

2- Tell a story

The second content writing tips for beginners and the most important thing is storytelling.
Yes we are humans we are love stories and the only way you can attract people to your posts is storytelling. However, you need to tell story right but it’s not about a movie it’s a plain story. So, what are the elements that you need first storytelling there are three basic elements that you require :

1- Character

of course for telling a story you need a character. Hence, there has to be a character at least one but you can have it more than that too. So now when you are a fountain writer who is your character, your character is, your audience. Hence, that’s why when you write a blog, you write it in a language of you’re like example I’m talking to you. I’m talking as in you and you’re I’m giving you guidelines by using the word. Because that’s what will create an interest and people will connect it, people will feel connected to your content.

Furthermore, about the character okay, next after character what you need is to create some conflict.

2- Conflict

So, what’s conflict see for any story if a story is starting happy, going happy and I’m happy that’s not a story right ?

So for any story you need to create conflicts and the conflict here is your target audience’s problem. Now, what problem they are facing what are their pain, points and how you can solve them. As a result, there comes a career image when you’re going for solving the resolution. Hence, Yes there is a character the character face is the conflict and then you are giving the resolution. However, you are giving the solution to the problems to the cop conflict that they are facing.
As a result, that is how your writing should be that is how you should write the article.

To conclude, character which is your audience next the conflict the problems that they are facing. However, you as a Content writer are giving them solutions to their conflicts. So, character, conflict and resolution, three important things of storytelling.

In spite, a very small example well you all must have heard and a simple Nursery Rhymes that we all learnt in our childhood just that’s an example. Even a rhyme even a poem is a story right? So, let’s see so the example is I’m a little teapot short and stout now, here is my handle here is my spout.

When i get all steamed up I just shout tip me over and pour me out.
So here who’s the character the character is that little teapot right. And what’s the conflict when I get all steamed up I just shout so that the conflict of the teapot that’s the problem that the teapot is facing.

The resolution tip me over and pour me out so the solution is also there. So, yeah it’s a story so he’ll guys always remember for being in content writer, you have to emotionally connect with your audience. So this post contained content writing tips for beginners who wants to serve online. Hence you have to understand and you have to go for a storytelling.

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