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Content Writing or CopyWriting Which one is for you?

 Are you a content writer who wants to start copywriting in advertising? Do you know the difference between the two?Can you do both?

Which one is right for you and where should you start?

If you've asked yourself any of these questions then this post is for you, so keep reading.

Hey guys, it's Zafreen, welcome back to my blog.

Today's post is for those of you who have ever wondered is copywriting right for me?

Or should I start as a content writer instead?

Can I do both?

Well, the first thing I'll say is that all businesses around the world need both copy and content. These two forms of writing are not synonymous and should not be used interchangeably. Both, and yes, I'll say that again, both are incredibly important.

Content creates brand loyalty and engagement, and copy creates conversions and sales. However, the more brand loyalty a business has, the easier it is to sell their products and services.

So you see, content and copy go hand in hand and should be part of any brand's marketing strategy.

Can you do both?

Yes, absolutely.

However, as you become more experienced, you'll likely gravitate towards one form of writing over the other. Now, based on what you enjoy the most you can indulge in it.

While content writers and copywriters have different MO's, they both have a flair for words, and the power to influence, persuade, and add massive value.

I am a 100% true blue copywriter. I hardly ever write content except for my own business. Unless, that content is directly part of a marketing promotion or launch strategy.

Now, before we continue, I wanna hear from you. Which form of writing are you most interested in?

Are you a content writer, a copywriter, or are you just getting started?

Comment below and let me know.

Now I know a lot of copywriters who began their writing journey as a content writer, or have some sort of past life as a writer. Hence the list not just ends here but a journalist, a magazine writer, a creative writing major, a blogger, or even a researcher as well.

And yes, this really does seem like the natural progression or path to copywriting.

But I also know a great deal of copywriters who jumped straight into it. From completely unrelated backgrounds like computer programming or even cosmetic dentistry.

Where you start is ultimately up to you, so in this post, I'll share five major factors to consider in your decision. Now, ranging from the kind of freedom you'll have, because I know you're wondering, that money honey.

Copywriting versus Content Writing,

Which one is right for you?

You'll wanna consider these five factors.

1- The freedom.

Whether you're doing a sales page or a blog post, both copywriters and content writers need to master the art of storytelling. However, given the different goals that these two roles carry, you won't share the same amount of freedom when it comes to storytelling.

A content writer can write dozens of multidirectional blog posts, articles, or long-form social captions for a brand. Sometimes though, even directly mentioning the name of the product. And occasionally you're actually given room to inject your own voice. And, personality into your writing even if you're representing a brand.

Copywriting on the other hand is one-directional, strategic and intentional. It needs to fully embody the voice and the message of the client you're writing for. However, needs to work with a clear call to action in mind.

You're expected to get creative and communicate a lot in just a few words to compel a prospect to take action in just a few seconds.

And that is where a copywriter's genius lies.

2- The personality.

So when deciding which form of writing is best for you, it's smart to not just look at the role itself. But what you as a writer enjoy the most.

A content writer might get more excited by the idea of captivating the reader, educating them, and sparking conversations. While, a copywriter is more motivated to get the reader to take one immediate action.

They are more strategic and they stay more focused on the goal of creating a conversion.

3- The mindset.

Okay, so this is kind of a controversial topic. But it is based on my years of experience and the stories that have been shared by both copywriters and content writers in my network.

One of the core differences between these two types of writers is their mindset around selling.

To be a compelling copywriter, you need to have a positive belief system around sales.

Are you someone who sees sales and marketing

as greedy, manipulative, or dishonest?

Or can you appreciate it as a mutually beneficial practice. Existed throughout the history of humanity to enable transaction, exchange, and trade?

Until you have a healthy mindset around selling and marketing. You won't be able to effortlessly weave empathy, connection, and engagement into your copy. Which yes, is key if you wanna remain compelling and relevant today.

4- The experience.

In terms of the core process, both copywriters and content writers need to do research. And, create drafts and outlines, and invest a lot of time into becoming a specialized and experienced writer.

But let's talk about the obvious differentiator here, the deliverables themselves.

Content writers produce blog posts, educational emails, long-form social media posts, and content video scripts.

As a content writer, you might be asked to come up with say 20 different articles or content ideas. Those who stand alone as individual pieces where the goal is to increase likes, shares, comments, and conversations on each piece.

Then you might be responsible for editing, and refining, and maybe even updating your articles along the way to see how they impact that engagement.

Copywriters, on the other hand, produce sales emails, landing pages, marketing webinar scripts, and ads.

As a copywriter, you might be asked to write every single one of these pieces as part of a single marketing campaign or launch. And, they need to fit together strategically to guide the user through the entire sales funnel from start to finish.

I want to assure you that copywriting is absolutely possible and accessible for anyone. If you have the right amount of interest and determination.

Now the choice is up to you make sure to choose the field that gives you enough freedom.

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