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How to write attractive and fast blog post ?

Do you also want to share your knowledge in any specific area to the world? Then writing a blog posts is the one thing you need to do.
This is the ongoing free SEO content writing course where i am sharing blogs daily to add up your skills.
What's up you guys today I'm going to be teaching you exactly how to write attractive and fast blog post?

What you need to do?
Just keep following my daily blogs.
Effective content writing

And, I'm going to be going over the five easy steps that I use. Not only this, but along the way I'll be sharing some of my best tips for writing faster and writing process a whole lot less painful.
I want to share those methods with you so you can wrap off with strategy. So, let's get started.

How to write SEO friendly blog posts

Now, when you are going to share your knowledge directly to your audience. It is really important for you to know that how to write SEO friendly blog posts and to maintain this, follow these points.

1- Decide the topic

The first thing you want to do is pick your topic. So, we pick your topic you should be crystal clear on exactly what you are writing. Apart from that clear out the people who are going to be likely to enjoy this blossoms. And, What kind of person is going to want to read it make sure we pick your topics you're focusing on the big picture. 

2- See your goals, clear

As far as your conference strategy you don't want to write a blog post just to write a blog post. Hence, the topic you choose should be strategic and should fit in with whatever your bigger blog or business goals are. 

3- Outline the post

Once you're clear on what the blog things are going to be about and who you are writing it for then it's time to create your outline.
Now you don't even have to create your headline at this point just get that and just create a very rough outline of your post. And, the point you want to talk about keep it super simple here. 
Not only this but, decide on what head of you think you probably want to use in photo. 

4- Point message and get some ideas

Now, with this content writing tutorial, i want to convey that if you want to work on your blog smoothly. Then consider pointing some message and get some ideas about them.
Hence, if you want along the way think of some ideas or some point you want foot under some of the headings. 
Go ahead and jot down a few of message notes under those do not worry about spelling grammar any of that. 

5- Don't worry about spelling or grammar

This point don't even talk and worry about it. That's just going to be wasting your time. This outline should be just a very rough starting point for where you're going to take your blog post.
 So, for example if you're writing a blog post that's going to be about five easy tips to train much as well. You're probably going to run with each of those five tips and a header in your blog post that you might drop down. And once you have written SEO friendly content you can achieve your target easily.
 Some notes under each other about things that you want to remember to include later longer usable of . 

6- Work on resources

Once, you have your rough outline, go ahead and start gathering the resources you're going to need to write your post. Now, if you really want to write back you want to choose a topic you're already super familiar with. 

As this is the post dedicated to content writing tutorial for beginners so you don't need lots of resources. However, that is not always possible especially, if you are doing ghost writing or writing for clients or something like that. 

In those cases, you definitely want to gather some resources. Before now you're probably not going to be able to gather every resource you're going to use. But this would start with some difference right you can pull information from typically what I do before I write.

7- Gather SEO keywords

Next point in this content writing tutorial for beginners where contents are prepared fastly.
If you're also creating content upgrade or doing SEO for this process, you want to plan that stuff out in advance too. So, put your SEO keywords at the top of your work doc next to the resources. Apart from that, do not worry about grammar or spelling, making a beautiful Word document. We're not worrying about that at this point this is for your eyes only.
So, do not be a progression at least not yet.

8- Up close with first draft

In the next step of SEO content writing course, you are going to get up close with first draft of your blog post.
Key is to write a everything that comes to your mind. First draft, so at this point you're going to have a lot of resources filled up. You're going to have it outline something to help you get started right without folding back. 

Note- After you have written everything that comes into your mind, it is highly recommended for you to take a nap. Once, you take a nap your brain goes to rest mode and when you wake up it runs in sprinter speed to pull out something great.

9- Plant your ideas into the blog post

Now, the main point comes. Once, you are done with writing anything that comes to your mind. Make sure to implant your ideas to this post. Edit where it's needed and check the grammar. I have shared a list of free and paid tools to help you in content creation. Make sure to check it out.

Hence, with this content writing tutorials we land at the end of this post. Make sure to follow all the points to get faster and attractive blog posts.


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