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My tried and tested Best practices for SEO content writing

 Recently i have seen that you guys are loving the post about SEO content writing tips that i shared for better ranking.

I want to talk about search engine optimization. So, let's talk about search engine optimization in relation to how you write your blog post. However, this is not how to SEO your blog post this is how to write your content so that it is gonna perform well within your SEO strategy. 

Hence, let's get into this if you didn't already know that's your content and the blog posts that you write on your web.

SEO friendly content

What is SEO writing?

Let's say actually have a huge impact on your search engine optimization. Or your SEO let's just call SEO from here on. Now, I feel like I've said search engine optimization so many times. And, if you think about it when you go to Google you're taping in keywords or typing in phrases. Even if you're talking to your phone and you're asking Google Siri whatever it is for the answer to your question.

Google is a content based platform they run through all the content that is on the internet. Now, I mean I say that very loosely they run through all the content that's on the internet. However, they try to provide you with the best results based on what you've entered into Google.

So the content that is on your website is extremely important to how you perform within Google. As a result, how your SEO is really doing, so I just want to talk about how you can SEO optimized content within of your writing styles.

SEO content writing tips that actually gives you result

There's a few tips of the thing that I want show you guys here. But, let me explain for a second so I got my start in additional marketing industry. I was actually taught under a digital marketing expert who is the smartest SEO guy that I know. And, if I ever have any SEO questions I'm going directly to him that he taught me some SEO strategies.

So, let's talk about your content when you are running your blog posts. There are a few things

that you can do to SEO optimized content to make sure that you are going to appear well in Google. 

1- Use your keywords appropriately within first 50 words

So the first 150 words on your blog posts are extremely important. However, they do need to contain the appropriate keywords that you are appearing on Google. 

So one of the SEO content writing tips is that you don't want the first paragraph of your copy to say this post may contain affiliate links that's not going to perform well for you. What you want to start out your blog post strong, you want to start out there run in and clue those keywords right up top. 

What are keywords?

Now, you may be questioning, keywords I mean I get what keywords are. But, I don't really understand what keywords to include when it comes to keywords for every single blog post. 

However, for a SEO writing for beginners, what you write you want to think of a few keywords that are important to you.

The first few keywords are set we're all variations of dinner recipes that's really not the best thing for you. You can include a variety of different variations of your focus keyword to get your targeted readers on your content.

But it's better to go far beyond your keyword and other words as well. On the other hand, you expand your reach within a variety of different keywords that you appear on Google for a variety of different keywords. 

2- Use heading tags in your content

Now, the second tip I actually want to give you guys about SEO in your content or writing. Your content specific to SEO I've got something in my eye hold. Now, one of the best practices for SEO content writing is actually to include heading tags. So, if you use WordPress you may have noticed that there is an option kind of at the top left hand corner. 

However, when you are writing your blog post that says paragraph or it will go to heading 1, heading 2, heading 4 wearing it all the way down. And, if you've ever selected them before you may have noticed that they actually changed the size of your font. I have actually talked to some people who have actually only used them to change the size their font. 

3- Break your post into sections

When you break your post up into sections you want to make sure that each of those sections has a heading. Now, the other best practices for SEO content writing, those headings should be heading 2 tags anything that supports that heading 2 tags should be a heading 3 tag. 

4- Use Bullet points for better SEO

If you don't have heading to tags and you just have content or if you just have a ton of pictures. Then, Google may actually not reward you as much as they would someone who actually has step-by-step bullet points. As a result, that's easy to break down and easy to read. Now, that it's exactly why you need to use having two tags with it it's also exactly why we need to break your blog post up into chunks.

So, this is tip number three for you if you want to write SEO friendly content you need to break your content up into chunks.

Other than this, beak it up into different sections. So, when you were writing your blog post you don't just want to write one.

 5- Try some link building in your content

So, there are so many different tips on how you

can rate your content. So it's more SEO friendly content but the last I'm gonna give you is actually within your links. Now, I'm sure you're including links in your blog posts. Right because it is actually an additional tip right there you want to include links to your own website in your own blog post.

However, externally to other websites in your blog post. Not only this, when you are including links either to your website or externally. Hence, you want to make sure that they are not just links that are hyperlinked to text that says click here.

Linking to meaning the text that is hyperlinked is actually descriptive. 

So this post was a list for best practices for SEO content writing where i even added up a bonus tip. Now you guys tell me if these works for you. 


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