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The Power Of Your Subconcious Mind by Dr.Joseph Murphy , The power of your subconcious mind wiki

 Quick pre-cap

This book is all about making your desire come true even just moulding your thoughts into positive ones. By this book Joseph Murphy has told me that everything is possible if you want to be a billionaire,you can be it, if you want your health perfect you can get that, if you want that boy/girl in your life you can easily get him/her. You just have to choose your thoughts and everything is in universe's hands.

The Power of your subconscious mind by Dr.Joseph Murphy

Hello everyone, i am here today to share my life phase when everyone else was going through this pandemic, i was struggling with myself during this lockdown. To calm my mind i would listen to some soothing music. 

But then Sambhavna Seth and her husband Avinash Dubey through their youtube channel suggested me to read books. I picked one of the book and it really mesmerized me. So i kept on reading and that book is none other than The power of your Subconscious Mind By Dr.Joseph Murphy.

I didn't even go through The power of your subconscious mind review Quora because i was just randomly picking up books for my mind. The main thing that attracted me is the cover of this book. So i ordered it on Amazon. 

Meanwhile if you would also like to read this book you can order one for yourself just tap the image below. 

I am going to provide you  The power of your subconscious mind chapter wise summary, so that you can relate to my realm.

First Day

 I was really excited to start this new book. Once i started reading, i was giggling , shock then back to excited. Because Dr.Joseph Murphy stated that read this book daily and i challenge you to your life by only using your own thoughts.

Second Day

After first day, i started Second chapter, i found this story of a man where his daughter was having severe hand injury. However, he wished to give up anything just to see his daughter normal and fit. 

And one day he lost his arm and his daughter was restored with her own arm. This is why this book is imposing us to stay positive with our thoughts. And, if you want chapter wise reading of this book make sure to subscribe my channel.

Third day

After day second, i found some of the best quotes from the Power of your subconscious mind where Dr.Joseph Murphy said Act as though i am, and i will be. I started acting in the form of 'I have my dream house' and i got it. Seriously.

Fourth Day

Dr.Joseph Murphy has really shared with us some of the core concepts that are required to help you get your desire into reality. Because i am telling you, The Power of your subconscious mind changed my life and it really did.

 Once i started the visualization technique i started experiencing some positive shift in my life. If you want to know more about visualization technique, let me know in the comment section.

Fifth day

I am here to provide you The power of your subconscious mind chapter wise summary by which you are going to get your every desire fulfilled. By this book Dr. Joseph Murphy told us about a woman, who got her job in the opposite side of her house.

 The job paid twice than the current salary, but she wasn't sure if she needs to move out of her house. This is when she started meditation and even got a quick nap. By the morning she got her very strong intuition that lead her to take the decision of not moving out and saying no to the job.

Final Thoughts

If there's any demand of an item for more than 50 years, you should consider it for some of amount of your time. However, there are many of the parts where book got overboard and misleading with visualization techniques.

 The law of attraction works and it really works if you want to know more about it and getting The Power of your Subconscious Mind Summary in Hindi make sure to subscribe my channel

Leaving the overboard thing, there are many of the creative and fruitful ideas that you can pick up from the book The power of your subconscious mind by Dr.Joseph Murphy.

For any book that’s over 50 years old, it’s important to consider the context of its time. In this case, the book goes a bit overboard with what we can realistically expect to be possible from visualization.

 The law of attraction is real, but only works if you do too. That said, with a bit of distance, you can pick up several useful ideas from The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.

After fifth day i was just hooked up with reading thing and The power of your subconscious mind and i was experimenting new things daily. I told myself that i can achieve anything and everything in my life. 

That lead me towards positive shift of my life. It's really amazing guys you must should try this book out.


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